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automate your marketing publications

You have invested time and money in developing a database, so why not use it to its full potential to optimize and complete your printed catalogue?

Indeap helps you set up an automated print workflow tailored to your business. We implement automated digital publishing in your data management system. This with the aim of increasing the return on investment on print publications.


Collect your data

Everything begins with a qualitative data source. That means complete data of good quality. These have a direct impact on the ultimate output quality and on the return of investment in your digital publishing solution.

Through our open API connection, we have the ability to connect to all kinds of data management systems. Ranging from various PIM systems (Bluestone, Akeneo, inriver, etc.) to ERP and even DAM systems. We will find the ultimate integration tailored to your company. Does your data live in different places? In that case, we go a step further and connect the data sources according to your needs.

Make your data print-ready

Through Magnispot  you can fetch values from different levels in your complex data source. By applying filters and formulas you have the ability to configure and compile your dataset and create a print-ready dataset. You can even go the extra mile and prepare tables, add custom formatting or even create customer-specific publications. All of this with one aim; to create the perfect dataset for your designer.

Create automated templates

Data-driven publications can be fully automated. Together with your marketing team, we make the link between the database and current print publications. Working closely with the designer, we convert current files into automated templates. You can also choose to start from scratch and deliver a new template. After hands-on EasyCatalog training, designed on your own designs and product data, the designer is able to start working on his own. The designer is therefore free to rearrange elements to produce a more aesthetically pleasing layout. Or to create automated publications from scratch.

Generate the output

Once all the data is available and the automated templates are ready, you can start creating data-driven publications. Depending on target group, language, region or any other variable, you can set up customer-specific publications with just a few clicks.

You maintain the connection between the formatted file and the data source which means you can update your entire publication with a simple click on the sync button.

This ensures that your catalogs, pricelists, and product sheets are always conform to your single source of truth and that designers have to spend much less time searching for correct product data.