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Learn to setup automated templates

Setting up automated templates in indesign helps you as a designer to work more efficiently and pay attention to the things you specialize in. Designing an aesthetic publication with marketing-artistic details that make the difference. Banish repetitive work and make room for creativity. We teach you how to automate and boost the return on investment of your designs.

The basics of EasyCatalog

After attending our basic EasyCatalog training, you will have gained a clear overview of the many powerful tools EasyCatalog has to offer. Together, we will go over the basics of the plug-in and teach you how to create fully automated templates according to the needs of your business.

Your training, your lay-outs

Have you already invested time and money in a marketing database, and do you want to use this dataset to start automating your marketing publications? Supply us with the necessary files, and using your templates, we will teach you how to start automating these layouts. At the end of this training course, you will have an automated layout and the knowledge to create new publications in no-time.

Learn the real deal

When implementing Magnispot, you receive a hands-on training as a designer. In this training, you learn how to configure and compile a dataset in order to obtain the best source of information in InDesign through EasyCatalog. Together, we set up a pilot publication and teach you how to create similar publications. If you need additional, more advanced training, we are always at your disposal. Once again, we look at your new marketing publication and together we look for the best way to automate it.

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