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A powerful tool for digital publishing. What if you could streamline your marketing publishing projects, by easily connecting your PIM system and other datasources through Magnispot to multiple marketing channels. Automate and simplify the production of your marketing publications to boost your ROI.

Collect product data

Connect Magnispot with your PIM and establish a live connection between your single source of truth and your print marketing channels. Magnispot integrates with several PIM systems (inriver, Akeneo, Bluestone,…) and is a very powerful print-tool. From flat to relational and complex data models, Magnispot can connect with it. If necessary, we can also establish a connection with your ERP-system or excel sheets to fetch data that doesn’t live in your PIM.

Configure & compile datasets

Once everything is plugged, it’s time to play. Magnispot offers the possibility to create specific publications for each market, language or even client. You can make a custom configuration in which you have the possibility to apply formulas to the values and attributes coming from your data source. Join fields, add prefixes, concatenate values, filter on metadata, etc. Use the formulas to create the perfect dataset for your designers.

Focus on Marketing

Your data is on point, the connection with Magnispot is live and the customer-specific publications are configured. Now it’s time to focus on your goal. Pursue as much as ROI as possible on your marketing publications by automating the creation of your product sheets, catalogs, advertisements pricelists, etc. Reduce revision rounds and focus on call to action and styling. Create astonishing templates with InDesign using the powerful database publishing-tool EasyCatalog.


Maximize employee value
Reduce revision rounds
Save time and money
Increase productivity
Realtime multilingual product information updates
Create custom/market target publications

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