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Indeap is an authorized EasyCatalog reseller. We offer several trainings for setting up automations with EasyCatalog. We also provide quick and thorough support. Because we work according to the train the trainer-principle, a thorough course is sufficient, and our customers can start configuring automations completely independent.

The power of EasyCatalog

EasyCatalog establishes the connection between Magnispot or another database and InDesign to speed up and automate the publishing of information. EasyCatalog is a plug-in in InDesign and allows users to create documents quickly and efficiently, make corrections and process text, illustrations, tables and images error-free.

Saving costs and time

Perhaps the most obvious advantage. If a catalogue is compiled manually, a graphic designer will spend several hours making sure all the pages are perfect. In this case, supplying information and making corrections are the most time-consuming tasks withing the creation of the publication. With EasyCatalog, you avoid the cutting and pasting that takes up a huge amount of time. With Easycatalog, you can import your data directly into your documents (catalogues, annual reports, brochures, etc.). This frees up time and budget for the designer to be creative.

Personalization and segmentation

Organising product information correctly benefits your company in the long run. Once your database is well organized, personalising printed material becomes a lot easier. You can create market-, language or even customer-specific publications on the fly. When a new version of that same catalogue is required, you can just push the update-button and again, you’re ready to go! Your target audience can be reached with the same budget at a much higher frequency.

How can we help you

At Indeap we’re already more than 15 years familiar with the InDesign Plug-in and we can consider ourselves as real experts in automated data publishing. Next to implementing EasyCatalog in more than 50 companies in different branches, we’ve developed our own middleware called Magnispot which is made to take automated datapublishing to another level.

We can give training, create templates and help you set up the perfect EasyCatalog workflow.

Count on Indeap with

15+ active countries
10+ years experience
75+ automation projects


Maximize employee value
Reduce revision rounds
Save time and money
Increase productivity
Realtime multilingual product information updates
Create custom/market target publications

Are you ready to take the next step?

Our Experts are here to answer all the questions you might have about our products and help you to move forward on your PIM journey.


EasyCatalog€ 1.199,00€ 239,80
Pagination Module€ 549,00€ 110,58
Enterprise Data Provider€ 459,00€ 92,11
Total€ 2.207,00€ 442,49

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