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Frequently asked questions

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Common questions

We offer support concerning EasyCatalog installation, templating, Magnispot, inriver print v2 and automated datapublishing in general. If you have any specific questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you with a solution.

That depends on the type of training you prefer. You can already learn the basics of EasyCatalog within a couple of online sessions. If you want to have a more advanced training, it will depend on the complexity of your publication. Nevertheless, we adjust our speed to your needs and wishes. You’ll find more information on our training page.

nDeap offers tailor-made solutions. To provide you with an accurate quote we would first need to do a discoverymeeting to get full understanding of your companies structure and needs. If you’re interested in a discovery meeting, we’re happy to e-meet you!

EasyCatalog exists of a basic license and several EasyCatalog modules. Depending on the needs of your company we can search for the best EasyCatalog solution and provide you with all the help needed to complete the installation. More information can be found on our EasyCatalog product page.

It depends, do you have any kind of database where you’re storing product information? This can be a simple Excel-file or an existing program you’re currently using. Let’s plan a discovery call  to see how you can improve your print process.

Of course! Contact us, send over your questions together with your inDesign workspace and instead of only fixing the issue, we will also teach you how to handle this in the future.

We have even better! Our Automation Module  allows you to create sophisticated and fully automated templates in InDesign. Upload your template into our software, link it to the desired products and automatically create outputs in pdf or even InDesign if you want to do some more tweaking.