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Why a PIM can be useful for your company

Product information management systems, or PIMs, are solutions for managing product
information. A PIM system takes product data and information and organizes it into one
single source of truth. If you sell a lot of products as a wholesaler, supplier, or manufacturer,
you need a PIM system to manage your data properly. PIM systems provide several other
benefits in addition to having one coherent data management system.

Information accuracy
In order for your business to succeed in B2B e-commerce, accurate data is very important.
With a PIM system, consistency is also possible. In Springer’s study, companies with PIM
systems have a 50% better control over their data than those without.

Ensure a positive customer experience
You have already read that customers expect you to provide detailed product information.
Therefore, it is important that you display complete and accurate product data, preferably
together with images and video content. A good digital experience is enhanced by providing
valuable content to buyers.

PIM systems offer opportunities for growth and expansion
Data tools such as a PIM are important for today’s business owners. They simplify the process
of reacting quickly to new opportunities and take away the hassle of manual data entry. By
combining a PIM with your ERP, it’s easy for you to distribute your product information in
different languages. Below are two examples from our customers that will show you how this
works in practice.

Your organization will be more productive with a PIM system
A good PIM system will make your employees more productive. A PIM system automatically
saves time and effort, as employees no longer have to manually enter information into Excel
files. You can now focus on improving the quality of content.. The benefits of a PIM system
include increased data quality, customer experience, consistency across all channels – as well
online as offline, enhanced data processing abilities and opportunities for durable growth.

Boost the return on investment on your marketing publications
Last but not least, having a PIM in place can give a major boost to the return on investment of
your marketing publications. The only thing you need to do is link it to InDesign, or any other marketing publishing tool. As a designer, imagine having all
data in one place and not having to address several product managers to fetch the correct
measurements of product “X”. Your designers will be able to fully focus on the actual design
instead of doing brainless data-validation.

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