inDeap is an authorized EasyCatalog reseller. We offer several trainings for setting up automations with EasyCatalog. We also provide quick and thorough support. Because we work according to the train the trainer-principle, a thorough course is sufficient and our customers can start configuring automations completely independently.


EasyCatalog€ 1.199,00€2 39,80
Pagination Module€ 549,00€ 110,58
Enterprise Data Provider€ 459,00€ 92,11
Total€ 2.207,00€ 442,49
*This is the price per user and must be purchased only once.
A free upgrade can be done for the first 12 months if Adobe InDesign upgrades.
If you want to update EasyCatalog after the first year you pay an upgrade fee.

The formatting of catalogs and brochures is a labor-intensive work. Despite all the valuable time and effort designers need to invest in these projects, there is always at least one mistake that creeps into your publication.

With EasyCatalog you establish an automatic link between your PIM (such as inriver, Akeneo, Riversand, Pimcore,...) or other databases and InDesign. Data is imported directly into a grid eliminating manual input, endless revision rounds and an overload of data checking.

By partnering up with the right EasyCatalog expert, the Plug-in can be up and running in no-time.

At inDeap we're already more than 15 years familiar with the InDesign Plug-in and we can consider ourselves as real experts in automated datapublishing. Next to implementing EasyCatalog in more than 50 companies in different branches, we've developed our own middleware called Magnispot which is made to take automated datapublishing to another level.

Next to being developer of Magnispot, inDeap is also a loyal partner of inriver with profound knowledge of the inriver print 2.0 module. The print 2.0 module by inriver also runs with Easycatalog. We can help you to install the right plug-ins and make sure that your first inriver print 2.0 publications will be generated fast, accurate and easy!